Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Funny as Hell !!!

Last night, I had a rather large pile of ironing to work my way through and just couldn't take any more of the Winter Olympics. So, I switched off the tv and went to find a cd to listen to whilst attempting to make three over-loaded baskets of mixed crumples into one nice neat pile of clothes that would actually be wearable. (How do tumble driers manage to tie clothes into knots???) I picked up Vol 1 and 2 of Andy Hamilton's amazing "Old Harry's Game", loaded up the auto-changer on the stereo and picked up the first shirt. Three hours later, I had three very large piles of neatly (in my eyes) ironed clothes, ie. His, Hers and Bedding. What was remarkable was that I couldn't remember doing much ironing at all! I remember laughing - constantly - but not the drudgery of the ironing, which, it must be said, is my least favourite bit of housework. Usually I iron listening to something like Meatloaf in an attempt to use the tempo of the music to get through the pile a bit quicker. This works, to a degree, but although I enjoy the music, I still hate every minute of re-organising creases in our clothes! From now on, it's top quality comedy for me, every time.

Just in case you've never heard of "Old Harry's Game", a brief resume can be found at:

and a quite detailed article is at:

There are quite often repeats played on BBC Radio 7 and these are always worth a listen. If you have a funny bone in your body, then this program will tickle it at some level!

Your task for today, is Find - Listen - Enjoy

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