Monday, 28 September 2009

Why would they think that's a good idea?

There are many mysteries in this world:

Why is belly-button fluff always blue?
Can you be someones right-hand man if you're left handed?
Would they allow voting if it changed anything?
When the guy that designed the drawing board got it wrong, what did he go back to?
What was the best thing before sliced bread?
..... etc etc etc .....
This weekend, I was privileged to witness another of life's great mysteries. To set the scene...
It was a nice day, so SWMBO and I decided to go for a drive out in the country to get away from the confines of the house and see something other than our own four walls. We loaded up the wheelchair and various other bits and bobs that may be needed, and set off for nowhere in particular. After a couple of hours, we arrived at the coast. It wasn't where we had thought we would end up, but it was fresh air and there was a promenade, which meant that we could get out and go for a wander. (SWMBO being in a chair and me currently on crutches meant that it had to be somewhere flat!).

Well, we went a couple of hundred yards along enjoying the salt-laden air and blowing away cobwebs with every step, and decided that (I in particular) deserved an ice cream from the shop, as it was the furthest I had managed to go for nearly a year. "99" in hand, we went and sat on the promenade wall, (well I did anyway, SWMBO just parked-up next to me!), and enjoyed watching the kids playing on the beach, boats sailing around and all the other sea-side goings-on.

Eventually we decided that it was time to return to the car, and so headed back. As we approached the car, we noticed several people pointing and laughing at something and wondered what could be so funny. We soon found out! There was our car, all windows wide open, both sun-roofs wide open, headlights on, doors unlocked and hazard warning lights going. To top it all, there was a seagull sitting on the dash-board tearing seven-shades out of a packet of crisps. He'd obviously enjoyed getting to them, as there were bits of crisps everywhere, and a couple of sparrows sitting nearby that looked as if they had helped themselves to some crumbs too. As if that wasn't bad enough, he'd left his "calling card" all over the dash and the drivers seat!

Once I'd shooed him off, and cleaned up, I started to wonder how the car had ended up like this, as I knew it was locked when we left it. Well, according to the AA man we had to call out when we found that it wouldn't start either, "Sometimes these things are done as a form of safety device when certain fuses blow. Mind you, I've never seen it operate so many things before". I find that incredible! We were really lucky, as no-one had leant into the car and carried off our sat-nav or sunglasses that were on the dash, or looked into the glove-box to see what was there. A subsequent enquiry to Renault wasn't exactly helpful, but then again, they rarely are! They think it's possible the fuse is to blame, but couldn't say for sure without running a full diagnostic check on the car. Not a chance in hell! The last time they did one of those, I had a fault showing on the dash that they took over 2 hours to trace and then found that a fuse had blown. This resulted in a bill of over £200, of which parts was £0.50, one fuse!!!

So, as it hasn't done it before, and so long as it doesn't do it again, I'll keep the car away from the dealership and the cash in my pocket. I'll write the inconvenience of cleaning seagull "poo" from the dash and seats down to experience, and attempt to gain another few free drinks at the local on the strength of the story.

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